postcards from railroad

this place is cosy and inviting. it reminds me so much of new zealand cafe’s. there’s a couple sharing a newspaper on one table, a group of friends having lunch at another. by the window a woman sits alone, totally engrossed in her book.

there is freshly baked cake, coffee served from gorgeous pottery cups. a bookshelf, which i am unable to pass by without picking something up from to flick through the pages. there are cookery books cascading across a large table, boxes of produce stacked haphazardly on (and under) the tables and piling up in front of the counter.

it is the perfect place to catch up with friends, while away a few hours over fresh mint tea or a glass of wine.

railroad cafe in hackney: sunday afternoons were made for you

2 thoughts on “postcards from railroad

  • I love that picture of the pistachio studded cake!

    Reminds me of a cafe that was near my first place in Clapham North, on the fringe of Brixton. So comfy and cosy, it was my favourite place to write and have coffee on a Sunday and watch people in my new city :)

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