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scenes from the weekeend

scenes from the weekeend

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friday afternoon, i take my parents for a walk along the beach. i am my mothers daughter – both of us collecting cats eyes and putting them in my pocket.

mother helps me plant some vegetable seedlings in the garden, just before we lose the daylight.

nic comes home and we share taco friday with my mother and father, talking for a while before everyone heads off to bed.

saturday is mothers birthday and i am up early wrapping a couple of little gifts for her and baking a carrot cake (her request). nic and i take a walk on the beach together, then he goes and collects his parents from the ferry. we have all four of our parents here for lunch and the afternoon, then spend the evening with my parents eating leftovers and watching the best exotic marigold hotel.

sunday we are up early to catch a ferry to the mainland to collect my parents car from his parents place. i drive my parents car with my mother, whilst nic has my father as his passenger, landing at my sister’s house in ngatea for lunch.

a feast, and a lazy afternoon mooching around, stacking firewood, packing old windows into our car {for a summer garden project} and collecting oranges before nic and i say our goodbyes and drive back to auckland for the ferry ride home.



there’s a lovely short story about childhood sunday mornings over at weekends collected – from another new contributor. i’m still looking for more contributors, so how about you contribute something about one of your weekends?

have a great week everyone!