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1 // morning light

2 // manuka blooms

3 // Milo is never far away when i’m messing around outside

4 // after the rain

5 // it’s getting warm enough to have the windows open now. and i love the one in our bathroom – it reminds me of my grandmother’s old house

6 // nic goes out to talk geeky stuff with a mate over breakfast, so i enjoy a bagel cut into three for my breakfast (more marmalade that way)

7 // post-smudging incense burning

8 // a lazy afternoon

9 // sunday we are awake before dawn, grabbing exercise gear from these baskets to go do 30 minutes of high intensity interval training on the beach before breakfast

10 // fairy lights are pretty much a standard fitting in our house

11 // after breakfast Nic does a spring dip in support of prostate cancer research and wins a $100 voucher from one of the local vineyards!

12 // me and the girl next door

13 // lunch with nic’s parents for fathers day

14 // these are the good old days

15 // chasing light

16 // the colour of our weekend

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