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1 – 2 // getting out into the garden to plant more of the summer crop before the rain begins

3 // i’m trying a new recipe {black tea spring rolls} to take to a friends for lunch tomorrow. i make them today & we have some for lunch, just incase they don’t work out and i need to come up with something else to take for lunch tomorrow! (i don’t, they’re delicious)

4 // the limoncello i bottled a couple of weeks ago is now ready for tasting. it’s delicious too – super lemony and not too sweet. i soaked the lemons for twice what any internet recipe i found said to do and used about half the quantity of sugar that any recipe said to use. like many other times before, i neglected to write the quantities down, so i’ll have to guess at what i did next time i make this!

5 // lunch with friends on the mainland. the spring rolls are a hit and we have chinese steamboat as our main course. i love these little baskets we use to scoop the goodies out of the broth and into our rice bowl

6 // i hope i’m always delighted by the fact that our house is surrounded by trees

7 // i was given this huge oil lantern years ago and i love it, but it’s really difficult to find wick that fits. i found some thick woven cotton a couple of weeks ago and tried it out last night. not sure if it’s going to work, so i’m back on the hunt for some proper wick for it

8 // the grocery stores close early here and the fridge was empty, so it was burgers outside on the deck for dinner. the perfect end to our weekend


i’ve also published this on weekends collected and am making another call out for contributors. if you have documented your weekend somehow, i’d love to have you contribute! if you know anyone else that you think would like to submit something, please do let them know.

have a great week everyone