scenes from the weekend















+ in the evening he makes fish tacos and we try them with the kiwifruit kasundi i made earlier in the day. the combination is a winner

+ and in the morning, he makes a chocolate ganache whilst i put the second coat of paint and polyurethane on the bathroom cabinet

+ we walk to the vege shop, then to the gym for the first run through our new workout program

+ we go visit milo, who will be coming home with us on monday

+ feijoa chutney is finished and bottled

+ lamb is marinated and slow cooked in the oven

+ the fire is laid on saturday afternoon, but isn’t lit as the evening is warm

+ the caravan is spruced up and ready for our guests, then we collect them (& the dogs) from the evening ferry

+ dinner and conversation, candle light and stars

+ breakfast at the beach

+ a drive to man o’ war bay at the other end of the island

+ a walk along the beach, then another walk back at palm beach (our local)

+ farewells at the ferry

+ and a lazy late-sunday afternoon

+ the fire lit, the warm blaze make us cosy and sleepy

+ locally made pizza for dinner

[see weekends collected for the newest episode – and join in if you like]

have a great week everyone!

8 thoughts on “scenes from the weekend

  • This blog is a book, a beautiful one, that I dip in and out of. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  • I think Nic may be somewhat over-identifying with Milo already. Just sayin’.

  • Beautiful. I can smell the pale and graceful winds that dance over those low hills and beaches. There’s something about people really loving the place they live that makes it even more beautiful than it already is.

    • I agree with you about places being more beautiful because people love them, thanks lovely lady

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