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scenes from the weekend

scenes from the weekend


friday night I shower after a day in the garden and we head out to Te Whau for dinner. two courses and two full bellies later we head home and curl up on the sofa.


saturday we are up early and off to the other end of the island for the Synergy Fitness inaugural Loop the Loop run/walk/cycle. Nic drives around as support vehicle and I wield the camera. the finish line is at Man O’ War bay (also where the Man O’ War tasting room is) so we share a platter and some glasses of bubbly before heading home again buying fresh island-baked bread en route.

I make chicken liver pate, some of which gets eaten before it has a chance to cool down.

The car boot sale this month is off due to bad weather, so we have lie in on Sunday before getting up to make bacon sandwiches. There’s a trip to Placemakers resulting in the hanging of a new lightshade and I finish off the pumpkin & tomato chutney i’d been making whilst Nic goes to the gym.


We spend the afternoon drinking cocktails, using a new recipe I found, and playing Settlers of Catan (for the first, but not the last, time). Then the evening gets used up on the sofa – me reading, him watching Sharknado 2 (<- Not even so bad it was good, it was just B A D) +++ I've turned into a person who has more photos of her cat on her phone than I do of my husband.