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scenes from the weekend

scenes from the weekend


+ there was dinner at the shed, te motu on Friday night with the perfect maître d and a lovely prix fixe menu accompanied by stunning Bordeaux-style wines by the glass

+ there was brunch with a friend who was headed for a 2-month business trip to the USA, whilst a small pod of dolphins swum slowly across the bay (i know, sorry)

+ then a quick visit to the spca to show nic the cats we might like to adopt (of course we want them all)

+ and finding the perfect vintage mirror with bevelled glass and a wooden frame for our bedroom – for only $5!

+ there was a trip to the gym for an assessment – our first of what we hope will be a gentle, yet regular, return to our exercise routine

+ an amazing fish curry for dinner saturday night

+ before falling asleep on the sofa

+ a lazy sunday morning

+ then a trip to the mainland to spend the afternoon/evening with friends

+ a holiday monday for queens birthday weekend. one in which we get shit done

+ including the first post (of hopefully many) to the revived weekends collected (come join us – yes, YOU)

+ and some playing around with the new theme to give it a little colour and some social media links

+ before going to the movies to see the grand budapest hotel (amazing)

hope you have a lovely week!