these are the things I want to remember:

how good it has been to move my body and feel my tight jeans loosen again. how much joy i get from trail running, even though an ongoing injury means i am unable to run far. how precious time with soulmates is, and how easy. how a four hour drive feels like nothing, when in the company of my husband. and how good it feels to go on adventures, then come home again. how a morning spent digging and planting native plants in our garden feels like an offering we can make as guardians of this quarter acre. how text messages between me and my two sisters always make me bubble over with laughter. the way an over-abundance of rain makes rivers and pools in our garden, showing us the places it chooses to flow. how dinner at pasture auckland was the perfect coda to a busy month. how grateful i am to be living this life, even on the days where it feels like i am failing to understand things.