camber sands, easter 2012


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  • If I’m not too late I would love one of these postcards. Always love your photos and comments. Keep doing what you’re doing. x

  • These are so lovely and bring so much peace and beauty to my day!

  • These photos are beautiful Leonie! I’m so behind on my blog reading that I’m just getting to this. I hope you’re having a good weekend!

  • I love getting mail, and I’m on a mission to send more mail to others. These postcards would be lovely to send to some of my arty friends across the globe. Yes, please, I’d like some.

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  • Thanks everyone for the lovely comments – I will be in touch with you all shortly via email to get your postal address.

    Happy weekend y’all

  • I think we have enough ruins in Christchurch without worrying about Detroit – although they are fantastic photos.
    And I would love to receive your beautiful serene postcards
    upsidedownpoet at gmail dot com

  • I’m usually an Instagram girl- and once I get my new iPhone, probably even more so! I’m not patient enough to carry around my DSLR any more and then upload the photos when I get home- shameful isn’t it?!
    And of course I still visit here! xx

  • Like Di, I look forward to every post (through FeedDemon, not Google Reader, though). I don’t comment often, but that doesn’t mean I’m not visiting, and as long as you keep posting, I’ll keep enjoying ;^)

  • SO beautiful! I love how gentle & soft these images are. I can imagine these as two big prints hanging in a nice airy beach house (*dreaming*) xo

  • ‘if anyone still visits here’ … I saw that. I have you on google reader and I LOVE when you post.
    Just in case you have any doubts, I wrote the love in capitals. Don’t make me do it again xxx

  • I share pretty much everyday – on my blog & through Instagram. I shot & share images of everyone that comes to my home (increasingly as studio portraits). I put my images in local magazines (HK Magazine recently listed one of mine as a fav for the last year).

    But, what I’d really like to do is have another exhibition. Nothing beats watching people look at your images, printed bit & in good quality.

  • i can’t remember the last time a photo on my blog wasn’t mine! sharing photos in public, that i took, and that i quite like, is a revelation.
    love the beach photos hon. they make me sigh happy x

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