sold! and relisted

wow. thanks. to all of you who ordered a copy of the book.

i sold out of the first print run (20 copies) in three days.


i am humbled. flabbergasted. spinning.

and just a little worried. whatiftheydon’tlikeitwhenitturnsup?

and… for anyone who would still like to buy a copy – or 2 or 3…. ;) – i have listed another 20 in my etsy store.

from my cracked-wide-open heart to all of yours, thanks just doesn’t seem big enough.


5 thoughts on “sold! and relisted

  • I will, it’s only that I’m between projects. The joys of this path … eh wot but congratulations!

  • they speak for themselves now honey so that you don’t have to… a beautiful birthing into this world by a wise and poetic creatrix… happy birth-day xx

  • Honey, puh-lease. Your words are so fucking fabulous that they were bound to be snapped up in a jiffy. Please add my name to the waiting list. I am just waiting for the paymaster to catch up with my demands for dosh so that I can buy a copy of my very own.

  • so, so, so extremely exited for you!
    and i cannot wait till my copy arrives. coming from you and your big heart, i know i’ll love it.

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