August Break 2014 day 2 - Patterns in the water at Palm Beach, Waiheke Island. (c) Leonie Wise (

the past month

i just believed in myself and made all my limitations my strengths – wisdom from usha uthup story we had my eldest brother donald and my sister-in-law anne staying last weekend. anne, a great one for storytelling, was telling us about going to visit one of my nieces. asked to come around tea time, donald […]

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the me of now

brixton market, 2013. polaroid spectra +++ a survey of present interests, curiosities, recurring themes… the spa warms up every evening, but by the time its warm enough to climb into, the only thing i want is to climb into bed. weekend mornings its also warm… a good place for morning coffee, beneath the tall green […]

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a recent inventory

a sight // fog on the harbour this morning, making it feel like we’re slowly gliding through mystery, a liminal space that quietly holds us between the seen and unseen worlds. a smell // freshly baked bread. i found a gorgeous red dutch oven in a second hand store recently and used it as an […]

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