front burner

a catalogue of what’s front of mind

  1. I am dipping back in and out of the artist’s way after finding a second-hand copy in a local charity store. I have had a tumultuous relationship with morning pages and other practices for many years, but find myself retreating to them again and again when my emotional temperature starts rising.
  2. Recently I’ve been watching my way through all the seasons of The Great British Sewing Bee. I dabble (at best) with sewing and can muddle my way through making a pair of curtains, hemming some jeans, and a few basic repairs. Without a dedicated space to leave my sewing machine out, I very rarely make the time to attempt anything more complicated. Watching the sewing bee is a delightful experience and has me inspired to take over the dining table for a while and find things to make from the myriad vintage french linen scraps I have in the cupboard. The judges, Patrick and EsmĂ© are hilarious and the contestants are all so lovely, it feels less like a competition than a bunch of sewing enthusiasts brought together to test their skills and forge new friendships.
  3. Whisky oak smoked himalayan salt. I made a batch of this a while ago and gifted a lot of it to friends. We’re getting low and now is a good time to smoke some more before the weather turns and the winter rains come.
  4. Unsubscribing. Mostly to newsletters by people who mainly talk about themselves or are in similar circles to others I read. When I see the same links and lists popping up in multiple places, it’s time to unsubscribe and forage the wilds of the internet for new sources of reading material.
  5. Polaroid scans. I have dusted off my film scanner and am working through scanning all of my polaroids. There’s hundreds and I’m scanning them at relatively high resolution so it’s going to take me a while! Our dining table and the window sill next to it are both laden with stacks of photographs from our London live and other adventures. They’re transporting me back to trips with friends, the Do Lectures in Wales and Hopland, NZ road trips and other delights.
  6. 20 items or less. The golden pineapple.