3 In six years in london

take me back

i’ve got a great photo at home (nz home) of me in the 70’s wearing a fabulous green paisley number (waistcoat and pants) crouched over [one of] my older brother’s record players with my little brother, headphones on listening to something.

i don’t remember if it was something like this, although listening to this playing takes me right back to that moment.

instant funk. i got my mind made up.

first heard in greenwich market a couple of weekends ago, this track had me waggling and bopping away to myself as i walked.

get on down!

  • Jeanine
    07/04/2009 at 00:06

    oh yeah! i am totally digging that track.

  • Catherine
    04/04/2009 at 03:13

    So, you are back in the UK now? Hope you are enjoying signs of spring!

  • storm
    31/03/2009 at 16:33

    fun tune.

    i understand the waggling and bopping!