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the Emma Bradshaw (TM) experience

the Emma Bradshaw (TM) experience


there’s not too many things i’ll get up at 5am for: early flights that lead to new adventures and visiting friends are on the short list…

yesterday it was the latter. an early start from london, arriving in stroud at 8.30 for a day of the Emma Bradshaw(TM) experience

– there was early morning coffee
– a wander around the market, Emma buying a beautiful posy of flowers and me buying some for the garden.
– i also bought a kilo of french brie (which will be going in the smoker today)
– some second-hand shopping (one of my favourite pastimes)
– lunch at one of the fab local pubs, which was the local of author Laurie Lee and has lovely views over the valley towards Swift’s Hill (Emma was horrified that i’d never read Cider With Rosie and seeks to remedy it quickly)
– and foraging for elderflower so i can make some champagne.

despite getting stung by a wasp and having at least a dozen nettle stings on my legs from our foray to look for elderflower, the day couldn’t have been any better – with the sun finally smiling on us and a field of daisies just asking for us to lie in them.