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postcards from the museum of everything

postcards from the museum of everything

dear friends,

i’m writing to you after a day venturing forth into the cold rainy weather. it’s been disturbingly warm here this ‘winter’ so far and it’s actually nice to finally be experiencing some colder weather.

we headed out today, specifically to visit the museum of everything. {found via PureBlog}

we were also delighted (well, i was delighted, not sure husband was so much…) to discover that today just happened to be the primrose hill christmas festival.

there were lots of lovely stalls from the stores along the street, selling tasty food, christmas gift goodies, mulled wine & cupcakes from the primrose bakery

sugar intake at maximum, we then ventured to the museum – down a little side street, then a little alleyway, a stone’s throw from primrose hill. which isn’t really a museum… it’s an art gallery who promote themselves as “London’s only public space for art by the untrained, unintentional and unseen creators of this, our modern world.”

yep, that would pretty much sum up what was in there… the inside of the building appeared much bigger than the oustide, and contained within the converted-warehouse-style building was a treasure trove of quirky art.

some of the artists included w.c rice

hell is hot hot, w.c. rice. originally uploaded by queenodesign
(more great examples of his work here)

alfred jensen

(image best viewed large). originally uploaded by cliff1066™

emery blagdon

Emery Blagdon
. originally uploaded by C-Monster

and miroslav tichy, described elsewhere as “a voyeur with a home-made camera”.
miroslav tichy

no photographs allowed inside the building on penalty of death, so sadly i’ve not got much to show you aside from a photo of the entrance.


great place to visit if something slightly more offbeat is what you’re looking for in a london art gallery! i will certainly be going back for another poke around. might see you there then?