the print swap

a moment unravelling time: a mural of a girl blowing a dandelion clock on the wall of a building beside a railway line. (c) leonie wise
a moment unravelling time. plimmerton railway station, new zealand

i don’t remember how i originally came across feature shoot, but i signed up for their mailing list, then discovered they do a fun photo swap called the print swap. it’s free to submit work, and $40 per image to participate in the swap if the curators select any of your work. this cost covers high-quality printing and postage etc.

i’m always keen to learn about, and be inspired by, the work of other photographers, so i submitted four photographs.

two of them were accepted! (happy dance)

so, now i get to choose the work of two other photographers to receive in return. the work will also be exhibited at blank wall gallery in athens, greece later in the year and considered for their annual curated photobook.


you still have time to submit something yourself if you’re quick!

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