the week ahead

we’ve now been back in london for a week and things have been happening fairly rapidly…

– we moved into our new flat in fulham. muttering and gnashing of teeth ensued as the house was not left in a state of cleanliness that was to my satisfaction;
– a job was secured less than half an hour’s walk from said accommodations. something to challenge me, find my edges, force me to learn new things.

the week ahead is already looking full, things on my list include:

  1. have supper with kiwi friends tonight at lola & simon. proceeds to go to christchurch earthquake appeal.
  2. cook a posh birthday dinner for husband tomorrow. recipe has been found. cut of meat obtained that i’ve never prepared before. experimental cooking for a birthday dinner? yes indeed
  3. give myself a crash course in kanban
  4. review wardrobe. find clothing suitable for new job
  5. phase two of duck prosciutto making. wrap it and hang it until it’s ready
  6. create a visual plan of photos to try for a pre-wedding shoot this coming saturday. wedding photographer i am not, so i’ll be asking for help with this one. any tips for photographing couples would be very welcome!
  7. play the first week of exquisite corpse for the month. i get to play the whole month with three awesome photographers
  8. finish unpacking. find homes for all our stuff. maybe throw some things out that should never have been left in storage
  9. hang some art
  10. find some funky stationery and write my first letter to my new pen pal

what are you up to?

5 thoughts on “the week ahead

  • RE wedding photography – just do what I did for you – if you know the people think of all the things that are special to them that you know of and any other person would not and photograph them. remember that if you take a picture of more than you need it can always be cropped – too little and it can’t. If you can imagine yourself into a great shot then take it. Imagination rules the world! you’re such a good photographer anyway so forget the “wedding photographer I’m not” line – you take great shots just take more of them :-) love your work who could not????

  • I hope the new job is great!
    I guess you know what I’ve been up to, if not I’m updating my blog regularly so you can read the details there – more picking up of books is on the agenda for tonight. At least I am back at work – it really helps to have something to do even if the desk shakes every now and then.

  • sounds like an awesome week ahead for you, leonie! it’s nice to know people are helping christchurch all the way over there in london.

  • You got the job? YAY! Well done. We’ve discussed your first mission. Do it. xx

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