the weekend that was

polaroid of a boat a dungeness
Dungeness. Polaroid 600, early impossible film

+ i haven’t picked up a camera for days + i’m thinking about death + and friendships + and how i can’t get my head out of my arse for all the stories i invent when my attempts at connection sometimes go unanswered + an early start to the weekend with a day off on friday to attend royal ascot + winning some, losing some, coming out even + pizza & a movie on friday evening – the perfect ending to a day filled with fancy hats, champagne and people watching + saturday morning lie-in + a trip to the library + and the local butcher + a new listing in my shop + letter writing, ready for monday’s post + a movie date with my guy + grocery shopping + bbq’ing +  a sunday full of crossing things off our list that left us both with a sense of accomplishment + some packing + and some gardening + and some polaroid scanning + lunch at a local + buying train tickets + reading vol. 3 of cereal magazine + asparagus pesto

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