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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

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an early start to the weekend with a day off on friday to hang out with my lovely friend Angie + she took me to visit jane austen’s house museum (not pictured) + then to love on some horses + a fabulous lunch at the pub with no name + then a wander through some lavender fields chasing bees trying to get a polaroid (they really don’t make easy subjects for polaroids when time is short!) + friday night in watching a movie, eating popcorn + a saturday morning bike ride to the library for more books + making sourdough ciabatta + clearing out, packing up, making lists + sitting outside in the afternoon reading a book underneath the gazebo as the rain poured down + finishing one book and starting another + sunday lunch with Sas & Ash in hurley, just 45 mins from london + a walk along the river + a swim in the thames + the crazy-coolest ice-cream vendor i’ve ever seen + cream teas at the church before driving back to london, because as Sas so beautifully put it “we couldn’t not stop because it was like God saying ‘I’ve just put the kettle on’ ” + more reading + fish burgers for supper made from the ciabatta rolls i baked yesterday + scanning my polaroids from friday’s excursions

[weekending with amanda] – how was yours?