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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

canon 5d mkii

an extra long weekend that began thursday evening with leaving drinks for a colleague + a friend coming to stay the night + an early morning car ride to heathrow friday morning and flights to shetland to meet up with a girlfriend who grew up there + croft house accommodation with an amazing view + a boat ride out to noss island to see the gannets & guillemots (birds in that quantity are quite stinky!) and other sea life + hannah’s stories + walking + and shetland ponies + going to the voe show (like the NZ A&P shows) + playing canasta and pin the moustache on the cowboy + the friendly locals + dinner at the museum + a rowing regatta + jump shots in some amazing locations + falling in love with the place.

weekend highlights:

  • hannah showing us where she grew up and telling us stories of her childhood
  • hanging out with sarah
  • the shetland ponies
  • seeing puffins up close
  • a 3.5 hour walk around some beautiful shetland coastline with another of hannah’s friends
  • dinner at a hotel in the middle of nowhere – we were the only diners, and the meal was exquisite. hands down the best private dining ever

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