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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

wild apples. polaroid sx-70, impossible project px100 silver shade cool film

dinner on friday night with six lovely friends
packing and cleaning on saturday morning
the portland and seattle maps from herb lester arriving just in time
a friend coming around for the afternoon and drinks in the sunshine
before we called it a day, had takeaways and watched a movie,
heads full of a list of things still left to do.
sunday the mister stayed home to pack up our beloved espresso machine
whilst i hopped on a train to spend time with a woman i adore
we walked up a hill via the long path around the bottom of it
and sat, having a picnic, enjoying the view
we chatted and caught up and reminisced
before walking back down the hill to my train, and a teary farewell,
with promises she and her man will visit.
home-made lamb burgers and camden hells lager for supper
more packing and cleaning, preparing for the movers
(who come tomorrow).

[weekending with amanda] – how was yours?


we are on the road from wednesday afternoon and i have no idea what our internet connectivity will be like between now and the end of october.

i will share our travels as i can but instagram may be a better place to find me