the weekend that was

+ my man making prawn tacos for dinner friday night

+ a little lie in saturday morning

+ lunch with a niece at domain & ayr

+ lying in the sun down by the water in judges bay reading kinfolk vol. 11 and talking about our [soon-to-be] new home

+ then going to movenpick in mission bay for an ice-cream

+ and changing our minds when we saw the price

+ so going to wilder & hunt to get red velvet cupcakes instead

+ then meeting up with marianne at freida margolis for drinks & small plates and a good long chat

+ before heading home to watch a movie

+ and falling asleep on the sofa

+ sunday morning coffee in bed, browsing the internet looking for a new website design(er)

+ checking out the bottom of the vege drawer and making roast fennel, leek & habanero soup based on the remnants

+ an early afternoon swim, then

+ back up home for soup

+ and a lazy afternoon

+ helix

[weekending with amanda]

8 thoughts on “the weekend that was

    • i was crying from the heat. he used half a habanero in six tacos and it was a bit much (or i am getting more sensitive in my old age)!

    • the chaos of my weekly chores are carefully orchestrated so we can enjoy our weekends together without too much cleaning or laundry. it doesn’t always work though!

    • it was pretty tasty. i love ‘eating the pantry’ made-up recipes :)

  • “my man making prawn tacos for dinner friday night”

    you mean “tried to kill you with prawn tacos”?

    It was only half a Habenero…

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