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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

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+ a friday evening in auckland, new zealand, then

+ a saturday evening in london, united kingdom

+ flying from auckland to london via singapore

+ a visit to the butterfly garden, and

+ a singapore sling in the hard rock cafe

+ seeing friends in london we’ve missed awfully and

+ dinner at one of their local restaurants – season kitchen

+ sunday morning lie in (jet-lag induced)

+ followed by breakfast, then

+ a delicious walk to harringay market

+ and the perfect espresso made by matt

+ followed by some cheese buying

+ and some pickle buying

+ and some AMAZING burgers from sambal shiok (she makes everything except the mayo and the buns – and so good it is too)

+ before a walk home and some lounging around

+ then a shopping expedition for hats and shoes

+ and dinner out at a restaurant we’d never made it to when we lived here (their reservation process leaves a lot to be desired, but the actual dining experience is AMAZING)

+ taking our morning coffee at vagabond

+ then a wander along the parkland walk towards highgate before

+ catching up with the soon-to-be-weds (next saturday to be precise – and the main reason we’re here!)

+ then a lazy evening to ourselves

+ feeling a little bit strange being on the other side of the world from where we currently live, whilst still feeling somewhat at home and a little nostalgic

[weekending with amanda] – how was yours?