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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

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+ a train to herefordshire then a rental car pickup

+ checking in to the yewtree cottage at docklow manor

+ driving to the monkland cheese shop for cheese & biscuits

+ and quarry farm shop for dinner, breakfast & lunch supplies

+ hanging out in the sun reading, and talking to the chooks

+ then picking our friends up from the train

+ lazy saturday morning with a late breakfast

+ bluebells

+ then getting ready for an afternoon wedding

+ a hearty lunch

+ suits, hats & dancing shoes

+ our lovely friends vince and ginnie’s wedding extravaganza and all the celebrations, dinner & dancing that goes with it (not pictured)

+ an earlier start to sunday to have breakfast, feed the chickens our scraps and say goodbye to yewtree cottage

+ before heading to the holy rock houses at kinver edge

+ pub lunch at the ewe & lamb on the way back to the train

+ first class upgrades with everyone having naps in the quiet carriage

+ home again, a nice cup of tea and watching her before bed

[weekending with amanda] – how was yours?