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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

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wow, it’s been a really long time since i did one of these!
and our weekends are usually so delicious that i want to resume documenting them.

taco friday with two friends (both called phil) + a loooong lie in on saturday morning as our bootcamp PT was away + eggy crumpets & bacon for brunch + re-arranging the bedroom (we have summer layout and a winter layout. yep, it’s a thing) + lazing around + pizza dough which = homemade pizza for dinner + renting the hateful eight and stopping after 15 minutes to send a refund request to itunes (yep, we thought it was that bad) + watching the first episode of the fall instead + another loooong lie in on sunday morning + more eggy crumpets & bacon for brunch + baking bara brith + making the dishoom’s black dal recipe for dinner and dumplings made from the chipotle beef left over from friday nights dinner + finally putting together a gallery wall in the hallway + playing ticket to ride whilst drinking mel’s hard lemonade + rain

hoping your weekend was exactly how it needed to be…