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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

unmade bed by leonie wise air-dried clay balls. by leonie wise sofa time. by leonie wise steamed buns. by leonie wise steamed buns on the table. by leonie wise kawakawa tree. by leonie wise kawakawa tree leaves. by leonie wise home-made bitters. by leonie wise tea. by leonie wise in the garden. by leonie wise mood lighting. by leonie wise cashew dip. by leonie wise sleeping cat. by leonie wise


thai green chicken curry for dinner whilst watching the big short. like nic said, it’s kinda like watching the titanic movie… it’s sad and we know what happens in the end, but we watch it anyway + saturday morning bootcamp on the beach + spaghetti and cheese on toasted brioche for breakfast + a lazing around on the sofa day, with milo snoozing on my lap + smoked chicken sausages for dinner + walk of shame

a whole family lie-in on sunday morning + steamed buns for lunch + enjoying the sound of the steady rain falling + a day of foraging from the garden to make kawakawa & hibiscus bitters + kawakawa tea + cashew dip + air-dried clay balls to tie into a garland + more sofa time + ticket to ride + spatchcock roast chicken for dinner

how was your weekend?