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the weekend that was

Pathway through the grass in Te Toki reserve by leonie wise
Te Toki reserve
spider web by leonie wise
Spiderwebs are a constant source of delight for me. Such resilience for something so ethereal…
Tree shadows on a window by leonie wise
I love the way the light moves through our house
Ferns by leonie wise
Afternoon walk
Macadamia nuts in enamel colander by leonie wise
These go on the fire. Too much bother to get them open!
Pathway through the grass in Te Toki reserve by leonie wise
Te Toki reserve…
Looking down the hill at Te Toki reserve towards the causeway by leonie wise
… the view from the top.
Empty eggshells in a carton by leonie wise
Pastry detritus
Putting fruit filling in pie dishes by leonie wise
Apple and feijoa pies!
Jocelyn in the kitchen by leonie wise
My mother, my teacher
Arthur with a book by leonie wise
Reading his way through my bookshelf
Arthur and Jocelyn all cosied up on the sofa by leonie wise
So comfortable here!


fuelled by sunshine, my first batch of home-made kombucha, saturday morning bootcamp, cosy afternoons watching cooking shows…

made super-special because my parents came to stay + we slept out in our cosy studio and gave them our bedroom

sponsored by cheese & pickled shallot toasted sandwiches, apple & feijoa pies (made by my mother), bara brith, indian takeaways…

accompanied by a soundtrack of laundry spinning in the machine, the hum of the dishwasher, birdsong, lawnmowers.

how was your weekend?