the weekend that was

photo of london looking towards st. pauls and canary wharf from centrepoint level 33 - copyright leonie wise all rights reserved

+ meeting up with a friend on friday night + saturday morning lie in + booking trains & making plans for the following long weekend + the discovery of the foragers newest collaboration in what looks to be a fabulous rooftop venue + having a “holy sh*t! i’m in london moment” as i sat in the guests library of a bloomsbury hotel listening to the people at the table next to me talking about their movie script + getting all dressed up for a night out with friends + complimentary glasses of champagne + cocktails at level 33 with amazing 360 degree views over london + tasting dinner for four at a michelin-starred japanese restaurant + a night in a fancy hotel + subdued start to sunday morning + bloody mary’s for breakfast + more meetings with friends + more drinks, this time celebrating an engagement + scrambling to get all the laundry done between all the comings and goings + and some polaroid scanning (thankful i can set the scanner going and leave it for a few hours to do its thing) + burgers for supper on sunday night because cooking just wasn’t something i wanted to do + doctor who

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