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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

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these are the things I want to remember:

how after-work drinks with some people i have come to adore is a great way to start the weekend + how conversations without words continue to be my favourite kind + how kind words can make me feel sad because there’s 10 years of friendship I have missed out on having, but how happy i am to have the chance to begin it now + how great it felt to have a lie in on saturday morning with my little family + how much we love showing people around our tiny island + how the sun warms my face and makes my limbs long to crawl into the sea and just lie there for a while + how being out in the grey day with the sweet-smelling air, or feeling the cat curling up on my thighs, brings me right into the now.

I want to remember how important friendship is to me… not to have many friendships, but to have them go deep + how pink roses in a glass bottle on the table remind me of my mother, and my mother-in-law + how leaves and clouds moving with the wind brings an immense sense of peace if i just stop for a moment to notice + how the hum of the dishwasher, and the fridge, and the washing machine, and the coffee machine, and how the water rushing clean from the tap make me grateful for this place where we live + how the mechanical heartbeat of the ferry can be felt in my body long after i’ve returned to the shore + how white-capped waves can soothe me in ways no lullaby every could + how watering the garden, and a bowl full of vegetables, is the perfect coda to a weekend full of promise that gave me more joy than i could ever measure.