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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

a list of things i did on the weekend that don’t all correspond with the accompanying photographs.

and this is how it goes… i lived on fire for all the things i have yet to see,
tangled sheets, the last bottles of cider … mulled and warm.

everything reverberated within me
even the vacuaming felt romantic and right.

  1. deep-fried oysters with a white wine chaser
  2. limoncello-ricotta kisses before breakfast
  3. cleaning the studio & making the bed
  4. retreat planning with my bestie – making a space for women to pause, gather, restore and be nurtured
  5. a trip to the city to the writers festival – hearing roxane gay in conversation with charlotte graham
  6. concrete and bus rides
  7. chance encounters with friends
  8. tomato kasundi
  9. a visit from an out-of-town friend
  10. a simple sunday supper

and for a moment, everything was in harmony with everything else.
hoping you have a joy-filled week.