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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

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+ a bank holiday, 3-day, weekend + journeying by train & taxi to stay in a hotel right by crosby beach and the antony gormley installation + watching the moon rising + 4 am wakeup, on the beach by 4.30 am in time for the moon at it’s fullest  at 5.24 am and the sunrise shortly after + seeing, experiencing & photographing antony gormley’s ‘another place’ (one off my bucket list) + blue skies and sunshine (finally!) + painting boxes ready for packing & moving house + finding out that me and the mister both had our applications to the DO lectures in USA accepted + watching cloud atlas + figuring out that all the mortar that’s been falling off the side of our flat was caused by birds picking it out in order to make a nest in the brickwork + baby birds + doing my morning meditation outside for the first time this summer + corn chips & home-made guacamole + lunch with friends on bank holiday monday + firming up plans for our trip to Italy / Canada / USA in september + gardening + painting my toenails blue + embarking on emBODYment week two

By each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.
– Sonmi-451, Cloud Atlas


– train delays on saturday’s return from liverpool meant missing out on the forager’s dinner we’d booked for that evening – finding a dead baby bird outside when we got home – dropping the outside table on my foot & having to fashion a splint out of an empty loo roll and plasters so i could get some sleep – scary & sobering reading: “…according to this exceptionally detailed study from 2006, lamb, apples and dairy produced in New Zealand and shipped to Britain have a smaller carbon footprint than the equivalent products produced in Britain. To be exact, the UK uses twice as much carbon per tonne of milk solids produced as New Zealand, and four times the amount as New Zealand for lamb.

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