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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

It’s been a full and fantastic weekend. Bursting with friends, laughter, adventures and new experiences.

We had friends over for dinner Friday night, then packed overnight bags and road-tripped with friends to a sleepy seaside village just an hour north of Auckland where some other friends of ours have a beach house. After an evening of good food and excellent company, we drifted off to sleep leaving the windows open, so we could listen to the waves crashing on the shore beneath us.

Today, we drove back into Auckland and spent the afternoon on the yacht of a friend-of-our-friends, watching the start of the next leg of the Volvo round the world race. I’ve never really understood any of it before and it was great to be in the company of people who knew the boats, some of the crew and a lot of what was going on. Having some context certainly made the race more interesting. Even just being on the yacht was terrific.

I’m wind-burnt and it feels like the ground is rocking gently beneath my feet. I wouldn’t change this feeling for anything in the world. Not for the first time do I recognise that I am privileged. My constant prayer is that I treasure every moment like I’ve had this weekend and never take any of it for granted.

How was your weekend?