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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

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+ an early start to the weekend, beginning friday with a day off work to watch england vs. nz in one day cricket at lords cricket ground + sunshine at the cricket + nz winning the game with 19 balls to spare after a fairly even game + a lie in on saturday morning + cutting & sticking… adding to my vision book + strange dreams & emotional states + a walk with my guy to dinner and a show at a local theatre company, then a nice walk home again + shopping for shoes on sunday (one of my least favourite pastimes) + having a tiny fledgeling crash-landing in our back yard + our very own live twitter feed + becoming quite emotionally attached to a tiny bird + relief when all the tweeting paid off and it’s parents found it and brought it food!

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p.s. i have recently re-joined instagram after a few people grumbled about me leaving. come and say hi to me there if you like – @leoniewise_