three things {photography}

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  1. i’d like to give away the triptych of orchid photographs shown in the image above…
    • these were made with impossible film in a polaroid sx-70 camera
    • you will get the originals, not prints
    • i will post them to anywhere in the world
    • all you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post within the next 14 days
    • if you feel like it, tell me something you’ve been loving recently – a book, some music, an activity etc.
    • winner will be selected at random and notified by email
  2. have you ordered a projecteo?
  3. snap it see it have bi-weekly photo prompts where readers submit instant photos based on a single word…

3 thoughts on “three things {photography}

  • Beautiful work! :) Wish I could grow flowers this lovely.

    Recently, summer has meant traveling, journaling, writing letters, and working through novels that friends recommended a while back. How about you?

  • Leonie, these are breathtaking. Orchids are the flower I have a,ways dreamed of having. So beautiful.

  • Hi Leonie ~ I’d love the chance to be gifted these beautiful images! Very generous in your sharing of art.
    Lately, I’ve been enjoying spring (finally) and time with our college-age daughter :)
    Happy creating to you!

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