three things {wish i’d thought of that}

wit shop recipe notecards - root vegetable soups

  1. love these veg recipe notecards by wit shop. five notecards with tear-off recipes & coloured envelopes. they make fish ones & other goodies too.
    » i have three of these cards i would love to send out into the world:
    if you would like to get one in the post, leave me a comment and i will contact you for your postal address (first in, first served with regards to the recipients)
  2. panda head’s kitchen sink series. the kitchen – a place i spend a lot of time, but i’d never even thought of documenting like this. sigh…
  3. susannah’s most recent creative play makes my heart swell it’s so good. amazing what you can do with a creative & playful mind and a few magazines. she sure has me all inspired to try some myself!
  4. hei astrid’s why do you shoot film? series is another one of those things i wish i’d thought of!

yes, yes… i know that’s four – but i couldn’t leave any of these out!

4 thoughts on “three things {wish i’d thought of that}

  • Hi Leonie,
    those cards look wonderful! I’m a bit late… if you still have one I’d love one.
    if not, then just wanted to say I love reading your words and seeing your pictures:-)

  • I love the vibrant orange and yellow they used on the cards – just what we need to get through a gloomy Wellington winter! And extra inspiration for vege recipes always comes in handy too :-). Thanks Leonie x

  • ohhhhhh love those … brilliant idea and so of course I would love one

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