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three waiheke ceramic artists to follow

three waiheke ceramic artists to follow
these beauties are made right here on waiheke by thea ceramics

i have cupboards full of ceramics collected from my travels around the globe. they make great (if somewhat fragile) souvenirs, each one reminding me of a place we visited.

now some of my favourite ceramics are made right here on waiheke island.
here’s three locals worth following / supporting:

1 // thea ceramics

esther’s work is beautiful. her hand-thrown ceramics are made in her studio on the island. each piece is given a gorgeous natural-coloured glaze, they’re lovely to hold and suitable for every day use. her work is very popular and often sells out quickly.

image sourced from @thea_ceramics on instagram | thea-ceramics.com

2 // jane burn

i have a major crush on jane. her and her partner own island coffee, one of the best coffee roasters on the island. she also dreamed up the delightful space that was the annex on putiki road – a destination space for visitors and a favourite of the locals. amongst all of that, jane also took up pottery and creates some of the most exquisite hand-formed clay vessels. she also often collaborates with other artists and makers on the island including wildflower waiheke who are using her vessels as part of a flora & amphora workshop at woodside bay in november.

image sourced from @jane_burn on instagram

3 // factory ceramics

i have slowly been building up my collection of peter baigent & kirsten anderson’s work since we moved to the island six years ago. i would pop into the factory shop every few months to buy another bowl or plate and have also been gifted some by friends and family. it’s one place i always take visitors and they almost never leave empty handed themselves! their pieces are incredibly tactile, with organic shapes and beautiful colours. their work is often featured in magazines and cookery books, is a favourite with cooks like josh emmett and nadia lim, and is used in restaurants on the island and around nz.

@factoryceramics | image sourced from factoryceramics.co.nz website


i recently discovered that nigel slater is a ceramics enthusiast. check out this interview with him, with a peek at some of his collection, over on wepresent