things i’m loving on today:

  1. that i can work from home during the xmas break
  2. lunchtime swims
  3. bumblebees
  4. sunshine
  5. a drying out of all that has been soaked through from heavy rain the past few days
  6. fresh peas out of the garden
  7. tur-duck-en sausage rolls, made from xmas day leftovers
  8. the quiet at our place – away from the crowds of people that flock to this island over the holidays

6 thoughts on “today

    • Thank you Stephanie. That sounds like a marvellous way to spend your days xx

  • Dear Leonie, Sending good wishes your way for a bright new year. You’re such an inspiration – truly. Your words and images always cause a moment of pause. Thank you for that. Love, Heather

    • Thanks Heather – sending good wishes your way as well. I think of you often, specially when I’m playing with film. Hope 2019 is your best year yet xxx

  • Like the colours and shapes in your water shots. Looks like Waiheke is having a spot of good weather.

    • Thanks. Yes, we are now… after a few days of pretty crazy storms. The water is clearer every day and the sun is deliciously warm :)

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