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we have decided that tuesdays are not for racing home from work, cooking dinner and slumping, slack-jawed on the couch in front of the telly (not that we have one). tuesdays are for venturing out to see what goodies london has to offer.

tonight, our first successful excursion, began with wine at vinoteca; with me looking totally white middle-class, swilling my wine & sniffing at it looking all fancy & shit after going to a wine tasting course last saturday with husband & friends. it gets really busy in there and there was already a 90-minute wait for a table when we got there at 6.30. we’ll go back there for dinner some other day…

then we wandered up the road to pho, for tasty vietnamese.

clerkenwell, you were a favourite haunt of dickens in his time and i’m sure you’ve got many secrets to share with us.

london, i can’t wait to explore your streets and alleyways more in the weeks to come.