overnight, the storms have kept us all awake. milo comes in, demanding to be dried off around 2am, then wraps himself into a tight ball on the bed near my feet. at one stage it’s hailing. morning seems to come slowly, creeping up on us through the wild weather, like a dimmer switch slowly being turned up. we get hail. again.

this inclement and wild weather interrupts a bunch of the plans i had for today, so i turn my attention inward.


making cheese & rocket scones using a bag of rocket past it’s best before date that i picked up on sale from the grocery store. it’s a recipe from floriditas, who i see have now shared the recipe for all to enjoy on their website.


harvesting kawakawa for rongoā rakau (plant medicine) from the property – dashing out and in again to gather a bowlful in between storms. making a hydrosol (fancy name for a steam distilled extraction of the plants cellular water). returning the leaves and water to the land when i’m done. i’ve added some to the scalp rinse i made a few days ago and i’ll use the additional bottle as a room spray, toner and refreshing facial spritz.


st pauls & the millenium bridge, november 2010 // canon 5d mkii, diana+ plastic lens

i have, in my camera kit, a set of lomography diana+ 55mm wide-angle & close up lenses. i’ve had these for years and used them with my canon gear when i had it. sadly, lomography don’t make an adapter to allow me to use these directly with my fuji camera, so today i’ve ordered an adapter that will allow me to put the plastic lenses on the canon adapter, then onto the adaptor to mount this whole setup on my fuji camera. i imagine it will look a bit weird, and the focusing will still be very manual, but i can’t wait to play with it when it arrives. i seem to enjoy putting restrictions on myself and setting projects (like my 31-day email dispatches, and my one camera, one lens series). i can feel another one of these brewing….

what tiny vignettes are happening in your little corner of the world?