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walk like an italian: day one - parma

walk like an italian: day one - parma





We have just spent 10 days in Italy and I’m struggling to find the words to describe the experience. It already feels like months ago that we were met at the railway station in Bologna to begin the trip, even though only 12 days have passed since then.

We were 15 people – from New Zealand, Australia, Italy and the USA. It was the first part of the return journey back to New Zealand for Nic and I and our time in Italy was a really great way to begin our adventures.

We found out about the trip through our friends Lucas and Marianne and it was all arranged through Tamarillo travel… all we had to do was turn up and be ready to walk.

And walk we did.

We started our trip in Parma – spending an afternoon there we caught up on laundry, then rented bicycles to see the city.
It’s hot and enchanting, this small city.

Our exploring took us through old cobbled streets where
+ the most amazing sculptures are found down little roads
+ the old ladies sit outside of an afternoon playing cards whilst the dog snoozes under the table
+ we entered the city on foot through a grand piazza
+ there’s very little good graffiti, so i had to stop for one i did find amusing