we are visual creatures


someone said once (and i paraphrase) that the best camera you have is the one that is with you.
there are days now where leaving the house with my dslr simply isnt practical. i cycle to work and often my bicycle basket is overflowing with lunchboxes, yoga gear, work clothing, bike locks, books, pens and lip balm! in these circumstances, my iphone is my way of keeping a visual diary.

i want to always be learning… and playing with making photographs on my phone is a way for me to practise my visual commentary.

We need to focus on the soul of the picture, not the technology used to shoot it. The question should not be, “What device was used to make this photo?” it should be, “How did he communicate this story so effectively?”

– Al Smith, eyePhone from Craft & Vision

links for learning/inspiration:


record of the day: write it on your skin by newton faulkner.

5 thoughts on “we are visual creatures

  • This is great, I DO exactly the same, although I’m only a beginner as far as photography is concerned, I’ve been sniffed at by some more “earnest, experienced” photographer friends when talking about how I love to use my Iphone, just cant lug my DSLR (not to mention, my Diana Dreamer and my Holga) everywhere!!!!

  • What great links! (And thanks for including ME – wow *blush*).

    I love YouTube for teaching me really practical things like how to load film into certain cameras – EVERYTHING is on YouTube now!

  • I am definitely going to check out those ebooks.
    It’s the visual stimulation that inspires me – right now I’m
    in love with looking for bright colors in odd or dark places.
    Store displays – magazines – things I can see or hold in
    my hands. The sea is always calling & inspiring.

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