weekend correspondence

saturday morning • bob moses on repeat • the oven cooling after an early morning croissant bake • i discover hilarious and inspiring things that i share with friends and family, howling with laughter so hard i’m crying • i contemplate the immeasurable value of a friendship that has spanned both continental divides and decades of living • i watch ottolenghi masterclasses, tucked up on the sofa whilst the rain in the afternoon anoints the garden, transforming its hue to the deep green only saturated soil can transmit.


sunday, legs draped out the side of the bed. a futile attempt to stay cool in this humid weather • we clean the studio & make up the guest bed, then strip the sheets from ours • washing machine & drier called into duty to revitalise fabrics used for slumber • the first of the season’s cicadas choose today’s heat as the warmth they need to begin their cacophony for the summer • milo moves from shade to shade on the outdoor furniture, grumbling quietly when forced to relocate • we swim, letting the cool sea wash away sweat and irritability • umbrella up, the deck at home becomes our sanctuary space for the afternoon • nic and i drift in and out of each others orbit, too hot to be touched, close enough to feel loved • for the first time in a few weeks, maybe even a few months, i allow myself to rest, truly rest, in the liminal spaces.

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