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what i found

what i found

polaroid photograph of pegs on a line

we travelled to banbury this past wednesday to visit with friends;
they were the perfect hosts

we found…
+ food prepared by the king of bbq
+ an ecstatic welcome from their furry family
+ beautiful sunshine that allowed for lunch in the garden
+ great conversation

all suitably stuffed from a fabulous meal, we headed off for a walk and a photo session. it’s been almost 12 years since nic and i got married and, since i’m usually behind a camera rather than in front of it, there’s very few photographs of the two of us together.

penny & cam are a couple i deeply admire and people i trust to document a glimpse of the life i have chosen to share with Nic
their love for each other is palpable… it shines through in the work they do, and how they are together.

before the photo session i remember thinking…
i wish we were both a bit thinner for this

then i found…
when i looked into Nic’s eyes and was asked to remember, and verbalise, what i loved about him
our physical forms really didn’t matter one bit

and i found, again…
the man that i love.

i can’t wait to see their photographs of us together