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21 uses for the pages from the herald

21 uses for the pages from the herald
  1. stuffing into damp shoes so they hold their shape whilst they’re drying
  2. cleaning the windows
  3. wrapping hot fish & chips, seasoned with salt, lemon quarters tucked alongside
  4. making a paper plane
  5. creating blackout poetry
  6. playing pass-the-parcel
  7. lighting the fire
  8. papier-mâché
  9. a barrier between a wet seat and dry pants
  10. wrapping bacon to pack in a suitcase for the flight home
  11. origami hat making
  12. storefront window coverings
  13. training materials for a right-leaning machine learning model *
  14. cat litter tray liner *
  15. garden weed matting
  16. streamers
  17. stuffing into a jacket for warmth on a cold night
  18. mulching into recycled paper
  19. a canvas for creative expression
  20. seedling pots for direct garden planting
  21. spit balls for a pea shooter

* these ones provided by nic