30 ways to celebrate summer

Looking up into the trees

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!
– Mae West

  1. ocean swims
  2. watermelon, feta, mint & chilli salad
  3. eating outside
  4. ferry rides to new places
  5. cloudy apple cider
  6. sleeping under canvas
  7. island gelato
  8. coconut iced coffee
  9. corn on the cob
  10. bbq dinners
  11. sun-bleached hair
  12. cool showers (under the hose if you dare)
  13. dancing to fat freddys drop
  14. sleeping with all the doors and windows open
  15. driving with the roof down
  16. road trips
  17. refreshing sleep mist
  18. friday nights outdoors
  19. sandy feet
  20. sun dresses and shorts
  21. perfectly chilled low-alcohol rosé
  22. beach days
  23. adventure holidays
  24. sun-ripened tomatoes straight from the vine
  25. iced tea
  26. reading in the hammock days
  27. morning meditation outside as the sun rises
  28. bootcamp on the beach, finished with a swim
  29. turning the radio off, tuning in to the cicadas
  30. sunflowers, wildflowers, peach blossoms

what do you celebrate / anticipate when summer comes around?


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6 thoughts on “30 ways to celebrate summer

  • Great list Leonie and good reminders to enjoy life and not let it pass you by. Sandy feet must be good as it is in there twice ;)

    • Haha, good spotting. It wasn’t meant to be there twice, so I’ve changed one of them to another summer favourite :)

  • What a lovely list. We are approaching those magical months here in Tokyo where it’s comfortable to sleep with no heating or air-conditioning. There’s a lot I like about the warmer months; eating outdoors, going barefoot, being able to wear the same clothes indoors and out. Perhaps most of all, I love late afternoon walks. Of course, we can walk all year round. But, there’s something about watching the last rays of a sunny summer day trace out our steps that feels unique to the time of year.

    • Oh yes, walks in the late afternoon of summer do have something special about them don’t they?

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