30 ways to herald autumn

Leaf Wreath. England
Leaf Bunting. England.

It was a cold night, so I got a fire going. I lit a scented candle.
– Jarod Kintz

  1. stacking firewood
  2. having the chimney & fire cleaned out
  3. putting away the picnic blankets, bringing out the woollen ones
  4. making hearty soups & serving them with a wedge of sharp cheese & home-made bread
  5. making mulled cider
  6. cuddling-up on the sofa days
  7. exploring the as-yet unexplored (both inside & out)
  8. making massaman curry paste to use in the winter
  9. oven-roasting a glut of tiny tomatoes
  10. making an autumn reading list
  11. sitting and watching the rain out the window
  12. baking bread
  13. planning a weekend adventure away
  14. making a relaxing tea blend
  15. playing board (and card) games
  16. bringing late summer blooms indoors
  17. leaving some weekends free of all plans
  18. making spicy apple crumble
  19. … and feijoa & ginger chutney
  20. reading poetry
  21. sending little notes to people I love
  22. writing down a list of things to let go of… creating a ritual and offering them to the flames
  23. bringing autumn colours inside (even if the leaves don’t change much where we are)
  24. donning wet weather gear & walking in the rain
  25. …then coming home for a long, hot shower
  26. donating summer clothing I no longer need
  27. burning candles in the darkening evenings
  28. making leaf bunting
  29. tuning out of online chatter, making time for offline living
  30. going to a 5-rhythms dance session at the local hall

how do you herald autumn (or the changing seasons) where you are?

4 thoughts on “30 ways to herald autumn

  • Love this. I’ll be collecting acorns, making leaf bunting, waiting for fejoas, pruning in the garden, repotting pots, taking cuttings and planning autum trips in the van.

  • when i was up north two weekends ago, it was the first time i’d heard of 5 rhythms dancing because a lady asked if did it…i’ve been donating all the clothes and shoes and things i can. i’m so sick of clutter.

    • Ah, cool – are you going to give 5rhythms a go? I’d love to know if you do…!
      We have such a small house, clothing moves in and out of our house like the tides. I hope you come and visit us someday (we’d love that).

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