flowering bush on the fence. mullumbimby, australia

you will be the month that is recorded in history as the one where a couple of small(ish) changes makes it feel like we have a whole new laundry cupboard. the month that we finally got rid of the hot water cylinder and laundry tub, cleaned, painted and re-arranged to make a space i actually love to use.

you will be the month of birthday bootcamp, friends visiting from the UK, PT sessions, afternoons in the sunshine, dinners with friends.

you were filled with rain, even up to your last minute, spilling over into the first day of autumn – overflowing our water tanks, turning everything incredible shades of green.

you were the month i took my third trip to australia for the spirit of light training – further explorations inside and out

you were the month with an extra day that brought with it a new beginning – another chance to be excited about what the future might hold.

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