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31-days. a(nother) subscriber-only project

31-days. a(nother) subscriber-only project

september 2015

wanting to do something fun that people can opt in to, i put out a call here, on instagram and elsewhere, asking for expressions of interest in a 31-day, subscriber-only email that i would send for free and for fun. i decided if more than 20 people were interested, i’d make it happen.

i got way more than 20 people who said yes. and the 31-day project was brought to life. i loved sending those little daily emails to everyone on the subscriber list.



i was reminded of this project as i was wandering through the archives. and i felt inspired to offer it again.

so….. if you would like to receive a subscriber-only daily email, for free, from me, head on over to this google form and provide me with some details*.

i’ll let you know if there’s enough interest to do another round.
if there is, we’ll start on whiro // the new moon • the beginning of the new lunar cycle • a time of renewal.

* your details will not be used for anything other than the 31-day project, and you’ll be able to unsubscribe at any time.