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oh hai! (paddle boarding with my sister on the nerang river at budds beach, qld, australia.)

yesterday, i sent the final dispatch of a 31-day subscriber only email project. it’s the second one of them i’ve done (the previous one was years ago, 2015). undertaken for the sole and selfish purpose of giving my creative muscles a workout.

some of the recipients sent me little responses via email, or other mediums, but most were silent observers. it’s an interesting feeling sending something out into the echo-chamber of the digital world with no expectation–or glimpse–of a response. (similar to here, where my stats tell me people are visiting and reading, but very few people comment anymore.)

showing up, every day, even when i wasn’t sure what i wanted to say resulted in me reaching for the tenuous link to a new creative writing practice. one that i will continue to nurture by attending a 6-week creative writing course. held online, but with a tutor available, this feels like a natural next step.


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