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5 favourites from new zealand music month

hands playing the piano. by leonie wise
hands playing the piano. by leonie wise
evolving rhythms busking in queenstown


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may every year is new zealand music month and i try to always make time to find some new (to me) artists/tunes to enjoy.

here’s the top five tracks/albums on my loving list from this year:

1. for the weary traveller

I was drawn to this album because of the title. Not because I am a weary traveller, but because there must be some and I wondered what kind of music might be written for them. This album by Holly Arrowsmith gets better every time I listen to it.

2. khandallah

I followed a link on the interwebs and found my way to a youtube video of this song, which compelled me to look them up on bandcamp. The perfect end-of-day-I’m-gonna-sit-and-watch-the-sunset-with-a-glass-of-wine kinda song.

3. listen to formation, look for the signs

I’d never heard of Nadia Reid before. I”m glad I have now. Beautiful voice and a rich, soulful album.

4. heaven and earth

I am a big fan of Nathan Haines and have seen him a couple of times live – once in NZ and once at the legendary Ronnie Scott’s in London. This track reminds me of trips to Bali and makes me feel like dancing.

5. keep it close to me

I have caught myself humming snatches of this track whilst I’m doing other things. Catchy tune and lovely vocals.

» and rhian sheehan is my favourite new zealand composer of all time

I’m always on the hunt for new music – what have you been listening to, and loving, lately?